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Wide Selection of Authentic Beer & Whiskeys

Enjoy Delicious Craft Beer and Aged Whiskey

It’s no secret that the Clocktower Cellar is one of the best places to eat and drink in Mammoth Lakes. We started as a beer bar back in 1993 when the craft beer industry was in its infancy, and our draft selection is constantly changing to this day. We take great pride in offering an extensive variety of brews with 26 beers on tap and over 50 beers by the bottle. Even if you’re one of the world’s biggest beer connoisseurs, there’s a good chance that we have something that you have never tasted before. Just try us!

We carried this philosophy over to our extensive whiskey selection, which we added in 2012 and currently sits at just north of 160 offerings. Whether you’re wise in the ways of whiskey or a first-time sipper, it’s our mission to offer you something unique. From its earliest confirmed distillation in 15th century Ireland to Pennsylvania’s “Whiskey Rebellion” in 1791 to a cadre of devotees that includes Mark Twain, Winston Churchill and Clark Gable, whiskey has come a long way while changing very little. Scottish, Irish, Canadian or American styles all have their own taste and character. The best way to go about choosing your perfect whiskey, is to pick a style and try a few. Then try a few more!

Feeling a little overwhelmed? We’re here to help. Just ask. We look forward to sharing our selections of beer and whiskey with you.

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Beer List

Our beer roots run deep. It's how we started, and it's probably how we'll end. We have 26 brews on tap and over 50 selections by the bottle. The draught selections always change. Whenever you visit you will find something different.

bottles of liquor with cocktail drink in front

Whiskey List

Whiskey or Whisky, no matter how you spell it, we have a lot of them at 160+ selections and growing.  Certainly it's our specialty, but we offer other spirits as well. There's something for everyone, that's for sure.