Menu & Specials

Find a Good Drink & Meal at The Clocktower Cellar

“The way to someone’s heart is not through their fly, but through their stomach.”- Kirk and Robert’s Mom

It’s true, sometimes you just gotta eat. Our menu is one that complements our bar. Hearty, wholesome and classic. We offer a pub menu featuring items made from scratch. We punch our own fries and grind our own hamburger patties. The menu may not be lengthy, but there’s a good selection of salads to sandwiches, tacos and soups. From healthy to downright decadent items, like “tochos”, we can fill your belly.

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When you walk into the Clocktower, look to the right of the bar. On the chalkboard we have daily specials posted in addition to what we have listed on the website. Usually we advertise our whiskey of the week, sometimes a special from the kitchen.